Virus or No Virus?

Hi everyone! Yeah, I know, I’ve been gone again for a few months again, but that doesn’t mean I won’t come back. I need some help this time. Basically I got back on my PS Vita and unfortunately, the Content Manager app for PC can’t access one of the required files. I saw something on Reddit which linked to on old version of CM on Softonic which I think is kinda sketchy. Can any of you guys test if the downloaded file is a virus? I don’t wanna risk it. It downloaded as I think an executable but it just shows “file”.

Most keyloggers have that sorta file type, so I’d recommed that you try it on a vm, so it doesn’t affect your main computer. (edit: think that vid was a joke)

No anti-viruses think that this is malware. In the behavior tab, I saw the text Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation(R) - InstallShield Wizard, along with other weird chinese texts. This appears to be legit.

use Qcma, its open source