Very SPAM in my Escargot Spaces blog


A few minutes ago I went into the Dashboard of my Escargot Spaces blog when I ran into 64 SPAM COMMENTS awaiting moderation. Of these ONLY 1 was not SPAM. I know I get SPAM and even normal (unfortunately), but such an exaggerated number in a comments section is pretty crazy.

I had previously leaked some SPAM comments, but few. What I find strange is to see so much SPAM like this.


look at the “website” and email, strange for it to even include the IP, stops some of them from Spamming if they know your IP, they are all different.




don’t you hate when Firefox destorys it’s own rendering engine?


I’ve never seen this happen, and I always use Firefox (here I was with Edge, but I always use Firefox).


you have now.


LOL :open_mouth:


and no, that is not edited, that’s actually what I saw.


I know


@MichaelPower will have to look into this.
There are plenty of WordPress anti-spam plugins out there.


I think escargot space is failing because outlook is much better in terms of protection and appearance etc
But unfortunately there is no longer support for WLM


WP-SpamShield has been installed. With this software though, you will have to manually activate it yourself in your blog as said in their FAQ.