Updates on translation for Spaces


I’m going to be starting on getting some basic translation sorted for people who have already signed up. If you are still interested in translating, please post in this thread below. You will get a PM from me (or a message on WLM), your choice.

In this PM, you will get a link to a multisite (eg. escargotspaces.cf/esjp). I will also ask you for your Spaces account to add you. Please note that this process will only work for the updates page, home page and the donation page. Other stuff like the Sites directory, profiles and and groups (generally things generated by BuddyPress and WP) I will be doing work on for people to translate.

Apologies for the long wait. Thank you for your help.


I want to participate! :smiley:


I want to participate!


I want to participate :slight_smile:


I want to participate!