Unable to sign in to messenger


I’m having a problem signing in to MSN messenger, whenever I attempt to sign in it says that the username/password is incorrect even though I am positive that the login info is correct.

Edit: the version of messenger i’m using is 4.7.3000

what os are you using?

I’m currently using windows xp for messenger. But I have also tried it with vista as well.

Edit: I just tried it with windows 8 and it didn’t work there either so I don’t think it’s an os issue.

Edit 2: The version of messenger I used for vista and 8 is version 8.1

Edit 3: The error code version 8.1 gives is 80072ee7

UPDATE: I managed to get it working sort of, I had to upgrade to MSN messenger 6.2, enable TLS 1.2 and repeatedly sign in but I managed to get in.