Un-Deletable Contact in Contact List, Preventing Offline Contact Fix


So there’s a problem a friend of mine have been having which is related to the offline contacts issue mentioned in another thread. We had the same problem as that, bu before seeing the solution that was posted here my friend deleted and readded me several times to his contacts list, and ended up with multiple version of me in his contacts in the list as seen in Butterfly Messenger.

The solution given in the other thread spoke about deleting each other from each other’s contacts via Butterfly and waiting 24 hours, but my friend has found there to be an un-deletable contact with my name in his list. He can delete one instance of me in his contact list, but this other instance remains, even after restarting the program. Presumably due to this we’ve been unable to re-add each other successfully like the instructions in the other thread said was possible. Does anyone have any idea why there is this un-deletable contact, and if so how it might be removed?


@TReKiE any possible solutions for this problem??


@Zaros this problem is similar we that we have with your account. what you thinnk?


It’s different the probleme of my account is they are sent to a different network and appear as offline


Maybe try to remove that contact on the online page: https://people.live.com, if your account is not updated to owa yet. (On the new page I still couldn’t figure out where are the old Messenger partners…)


there is at the ‘‘windows live contacts’’ session.