Two questions :) :) :) :)


I have two questions, Do you have any predictions about when MSN version 8.0 will come out? And also when they release the 11/12 version of WLM, it will be possible to integrate facebook??. sorry, I’m translating with Google Translator.


Yes, they are already developing support for MSN 8.x. And I think he’s going to give himself to Facebook, yes.


aw thxxxxx…



For now, no work has been done regarding Facebook, WLM 2009, 2012. The only thing we have been working on is WLM 8.x

And, for now, nothing is moving anymore: either valton is busy or on vacations :wink:

So, there is absolutely no estimate as to when WLM 8 will be available. Especially because we are not a company. People working on Escargot have real lives, real jobs, families, … so 1) we don’t know in advance how much time we can spend on Escargot (we work on it when we have free time to do so), 2) we discover problems to solve or new things to do as we advance…

Waiting and hoping are the only things you can really do.


thx for replying :slight_smile:
i cant wait for Escargot support WLM :smiley:


I really want WLM 2009 back!