Trying to reset password but get "Server got itself in trouble" on Escargot

Basically I try to reset my password on Escargot and after getting the email, I end up getting a 500 error to the website to reset my 'word.

500 Internal Server Error

Not much outside of resending the reset email. As a tech geek I think I’d get it but idk if the servers are down or not.


Windows 7 Pro x64

This 500 error started when escargot changed the design in october 14 i hope the problem will be fixed as soon as possible

Thanks! Also with WLM will there be chat rooms sometime soon?

chatrooms were implemented in 2009; whenever they get the circle auth down 2009 will be released

Authentication’s the simple part (which we finished).

The actual chatting system is where the real adventure begins. And that hasn’t been implemented.