Trying to find a perfect free MediaWiki hosting site for a soon-moving Nintendogs Wiki


I have a wiki called the Nintendogs Wikia. However it has some problems. FANDOM is getting worse and worse (Crap load of ads, I’m required to use Adblock. FANDOM trying really hard to push their useless articles). and that Nintendogs is a dead fad for girls (right now the girly fad is LOL Surpises)

The issues i discovered is that every MediaWiki hosting site i find… They’re paid… And i don’t know how to host it by myself.

At the time of writing this. The wiki has 470 pages and 70-80% of those pages have pictures. I have discovered that you can export wikia pages and import them to a mediawiki site. But the only issue is have is the hosting site…

So is there any good quality MediaWiki hosting site for a dead Nintendo franchaise?


Check out Miraheze. :stuck_out_tongue:


oh yeah miraheze is great for this, wikia but more freedom, i guess?


000webhostapp + your own install of mediawiki?


u can host your wiki on my host


ShoutWiki is pretty good. (I would recommend Miraheze, but they delete inactive wikis after six months, so… >_>)


With a fuck-ton of ads (espically on more popular wikis) and that they are try-hards on trying to promote their blog articles?

Not freedom. for me though.

I tried Shoutwiki and what the fuck SOMEBODY ELSE made it and was abandonned. So now… I have to verify if it’s possible to adopt the shoutwiki nintendogs wiki. So i’m attempting to adopt it.

That was back in the old days of 000webhost. They’ve redesigned a lot since 2017/2018.


D: Oof. I hope you get it soon.

So far I haven’t seen any ads on Miraheze wikis (although that could be because my ad blocker is on). Not defending them, just saying I haven’t seen any.