Translators Needed for Escargot Spaces


Escargot Spaces needs translators to translate pages to their respective languages. I will need translators to help me with the process as I do not want to be using Google Translate for these translations. All help for this will be appreciated.


I can translate english to Hungarian if you want.


i can translate to dutch


I can translate to Brazillian Portuguese.


Can translate to Italian.


I can translate into French


I can translate to spanish :smiley:



Hello! I would like to help, translating into spanish.



I can translate to Russian!


I can translate it into Turkish. But I can’t access without using a VPN!


Let me figure out ways to allow translations in general as the original way I tried to implement broke the menu system. I will update you guys when I find a way. Thanks for your help.


I might translate it to Polish if you want, just drop me your e-mail at pm.


I can translate to lithuinian


can translate to Russian and Ukrainian!