Today is my anniversary! 1 year on the forum and in Escargot


Wow, i remember when i registered here like it was yesterday! i was searching a way to revive Messenger on Google, and i watched an article related to Messenger Reviver, so i searched it and i found an MessengerGeek blog (@TReKiE blog) article saying that Messenger Reviver 2 was dead and putting a link to Escargot page, i clicked it, registered, downloaded 6.2 version (in that time i had XP and 7.5 didn’t worked for me) and i also registered on the forum. This forum had only like 300 users (now almost 2.100 users).

This community is very variated, and too much special for me, i think this is the best forum of the Intranet, think about it, guys, this forum can have it’s toxical users, but this community is still special and very fun, i wish to accomplish a lot of years more on this forum, and Messenger, because today is accomplished the first year since i use them (Messenger revived by Escargot of course). Thanks to @everyone. :smiley:







I sended you a messenge earler








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