This is what i get now on aim :p

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this happens with me too , look like that the aol website that aim acess is dead

i like the font for flatron

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also for a minute i thinked that you are in a windows 98 pc , now i only see the vmware bar :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a windows 95 vm tooo

windows 9x rocks :stuck_out_tongue: ( NO )

I installed 95-my self

9x is olddd

windows xp is old too , so

Xp is better than 9x ik he is pld but this usable

Don’t forget about the icon on the taskbar.

oh yeah , i forget about this

Windows 98 crashed :relaxed:

An illegal operation was done

ilegal = error , windows 98 logic

When Windows spits out an “illegal operation” error, it’s talking about when a program tries to execute invalid opcodes or attempts to access an invalid memory location. That’s pretty much a crime in the computer world. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got that page on Netscape 6 too. It looks like all of the old AIM pages have been redirected to Yahoo.


does anyone know what the address it’s trying to reach is? i can setup a page to replace it and then we can redirect it with an entry in the hosts file…