Thinking and thinking


Drama? Now I am the bad guy here, aren’t I? I am not the enemy, DL is the enemy!


one good thing IS , when DL ban evade by the 6° time , and made a post , @OhHelloThereImTheGuy dont make a stupid reply , just warn you that DL is back and you ban he ( again )


this way the drama can at least be minimazed


Shut up. You are trying to defend what is impossible to defend.


I haven’t banned him since deathlife23. He gets himself silenced by being flagged by you guys. Then goes and makes another account.

Which proves even further that he hasn’t “changed”.


defend what ? DL ? iam not defending he !


oh , interesing , anyway next time ban he , by IP


so he cant back


Then what is this? Looks like a defending attempt for me. Good try!


you have very bad eyes


Looks like I am wrong then. Nvm.


To add on to his harassment, he was also begging me that he’s changed, was vague about why he did the things he did, and tried to pull a pity party when I tried to talk it out with him on Discord.


If DL really wanted to come back as a normal user here, and with his real account no less, he could just ask in a respectful way and I would tell him how, with guidelines and a time period.

It isn’t rocket science.

and perhaps maybe an apology for treating me and my forum members like garbage?


Yeah, ban his IP for god’s sake!


He has a dynamic IP at home, never mind mobile connections, and has proxied his connection from other machines many times.


Too bad! Our only hope is for him to change for real.


pretty sure that he will


So yeah maybe he use a vpn or something i dont he has 6pcs lol