The true face of a TReKiE




lol xD


Hahaha lol


I can confirm this is 100% accurate :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, i will make a second edition:


L is a good inspector.


Good eye. :wink:


What is your MSN account? We could talk and maybe give you some of my “newest” projects and maybe make you join in…
Who knows?

Mine is :wink:


Sorry, but I personally have no interest in early access of any of your projects. Besides, with the YMSG frontend on Escargot that will soon be finished, I have no time to waste.

But for future referenece, my Escargot is on my profile page. :slight_smile:


I viewed the JK’s face many times in photos in his blog, (i know his blog since i know Escargot, i met Escargot with his blog :smiley: )