The New Escargot Spaces: Coming Soon


After quite a lot of thought, I’m thinking of completely rewriting Escargot Spaces to use a custom frontend and backend. This was being considered for various reasons, one being that the current Wordpress system is too limited for optimal use and a bit too customizable for blogs, but not for core-level changes to the site. Another reason is so that Escargot integration can be easier.

To get ready for this, I’ve decided to get a subdomain to host the currently-WIP version of Escargot Spaces set up, which is located at This is where the new Escargot Spaces site and updates for it will be hosted for the time being until everything’s finalized, in which it will be moved to the main Escargot Spaces site. In the meanwhile, check the site regularly for updates. :smiley:


time to draft up some design ideassssss





Psst. I am working on a Wave 2 theme for Spaces. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! finally an update about Spaces :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally! Escargot Spaces always had unauthorized errors, which is why I stopped using it.