The MSN Chat Revival: 10+ Months Later

As someone brought the MSN 4.7 add-in installer to my attention, I pretty much looked back in the direction of the long abandoned MSN Chat revival @enhanox kickstarted 10+ months ago (around July of 2017).

Four months after @enhanox’s thread, I had taken a step in his direction and attempted to do the same thing he did, but I looked into how the core of MSN Chat exactly worked, which was mostly JavaScript feeding values to the MSN Chat ActiveX control. However, I couldn’t use the Wayback Machine, not only because it doesn’t archive user-specific stuff, but Microsoft plastered in browser detection code to make sure IE browsers could only browser the site. And since the archival of pages on the Wayback Machine are all server-side, every archived page returns the same “Browser not supported” page. But needless to say, I only got the core chat stuff partially done.

Six months afterwards, I decided to look back at that abandoned project of mine, and copied and pasted little snippets of the chat control’s HTML container to see if any more leads popped up. I did find one, and it had a good amount of the MSN Chat UI and core I needed to progress, so I copied the index page and its components, which I downloaded from the Wayback Machine after finding out that those files were salvageable, and I can safely say that the progress may be continued, also considering that the home page contains bits of the UI that aren’t different from the MSN Chat image @TReKiE provided.


@TReKiE’s image:


The recompiled MSN Chat homepage:

I could try to forge in what @TReKiE’s image shows into the chatroom_ui.html file I have, and possibly add in the JavaScript back in place of the hardcoded HTML I added in for testing purposes, if I can go past testing the protocol stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

As with “The Patchening”, this isn’t a top priority, and unlike “The Patchening”, this doesn’t even have the slightest bit of importance in my eyes, especially since MSN Chat was a supplementary feature that you could install via the add-on installer I brought up earlier.

Anyways, I’ll be checking that to-do list of mine. Hmm- aha! Made progress on C++ endeavors. :stuck_out_tongue:


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but @BucketOfChicken (Sorry for ping) brought the link up.

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Actually, he was the person who brought it to my attention via MSN before he posted his thread. :stuck_out_tongue: