The funniest thing about microsoft

So in 2003 october microsoft realesed a dowload to make your xp pc lithuanian so i n 2018 january i downloaded it and installed it on my xp pc the funiest is that half of help and support center is english?! Good job microsoft ! Lol. So yeah its very strange why they not translated all of it to lithuanian :thinking:

meh , microsoft loves to do this , its microsoft style



The jokes are anoying imagine a guy that dont know english it could be hell!?!?!?


The MUI packs for XP are considered incomplete and install on top of the English, replacing only key parts of the OS, as not everything was MUI-enabled yet. That said, it was a huge step up at the time from the alternative (ie. re-install Windows with the language version you want or suffer not-so-great VIrtual PC).

I do love seeing the XP Start button in different languages, I remember trying out different ones to determine which one had the longest word (so the biggest button), but I’ve sadly forgotten my results :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’m going to have to at least partly disagree with this assertion although I recognize I’m biased, being both from an English-native country and having worked with some of the internationalization/localization team that did this language work (there was a Windows Messenger-related bug in the Dutch version of XP that I fought to be fixed).

I’ll agree Microsoft is extremely US-centric with services (Cortana, Bing, Zune, etc.), but not their post-XP era software. However, maybe you have some other examples I can’t think of?

As you may already know, it wasn’t until Vista that they got serious about MUI by writing the entire OS in an encoded English with accents (so it was obvious if a string got missed being translated). After that, the ‘real’ US English was then equal to any other language as it’s just another language pack.

It’s my understanding that some of the Messenger translations are a bit laughable/incorrect in some languages, but you can’t say they didn’t try :stuck_out_tongue:. Of course, the later Windows Live products include a nice control panel to switch the applications to whatever language you want.

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That was long

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I said this because of all the problems that Microsoft causes in its systems and not because of the language