The Escargot Spaces theme that never was

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

Last year, while Escargot Spaces was still using that default “Twenty Seventeen” Wordpress theme, I had plans to create a theme for Escargot Spaces that would at least mock as much of the original MSN Spaces UI as possible. Note that this was in August of 2017, back when I didn’t have an account on here.

But in the middle of development, I saw that @MichaelPower had decided to use @Nintel’s theme anyway, which made me can the project and focus on other stuff.

But today, I decided to dust off the remains of this unfinished project and upload them to GitHub (moved the files from GitLab). If some sort of miracle happens, maybe I could finish this.

Anyways, enjoy yourselves guys: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah! Here’s a preview of the theme BTW (I had only finished the homepage so far):


Will look at these more when I get home. May even throw some on the site. I like the concept of these. Good job!


Spaces has been very very dead for now…

Quick update: repository’s been privated as Escargot/Butterfly Spaces has been shut down for a few months now and I see no point in putting up this barely-finished project up publicly anymore. The image in the OP is all that was done, plus a “2017 EscarSoft” copyright I added to the footer back when I thought Spaces would be a part of Escargot and other related services would be put into that umbrella, which unfortunately isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Spaces was nice while it lasted, but change can kill things, and Escargot becoming a generic multi-protocol server with unified messaging and account systems is no exception to that.

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