The Escargot Spaces theme that never was


Hi guys! :slight_smile:

Last year, while Escargot Spaces was still using that default “Twenty Seventeen” Wordpress theme, I had plans to create a theme for Escargot Spaces that would at least mock as much of the original MSN Spaces UI as possible. Note that this was in August of 2017, back when I didn’t have an account on here.

But in the middle of development, I saw that @MichaelPower had decided to use @Nintel’s theme anyway, which made me can the project and focus on other stuff.

But today, I decided to dust off the remains of this unfinished project and upload them to GitHub (moved the files from GitLab). If some sort of miracle happens, maybe I could finish this.

Anyways, enjoy yourselves guys: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah! Here’s a preview of the theme BTW (I had only finished the homepage so far):


Will look at these more when I get home. May even throw some on the site. I like the concept of these. Good job!


Spaces has been very very dead for now…