The Best Game Sonic

Hello everybody :smiley:
this game free is great for lover sonic lol :stuck_out_tongue:
the best level is with rouge the bat lol

dowlonad for pc or mac with sonic dream collection in this link.

My favorite sonic is sa 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’m so sorry, but the best sonic game ever is sonic in the hedgehog for master system and sega genesis :stuck_out_tongue:

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fixed it

Imo Sonic Mania and Forces is the best

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imo forces was medicore but had tons of potential and mania was fucking awesome

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Well, not really, i watched some gameplays and i liked the game

i actually played the game lol

My favourite Sonic game is Sonic 2 and SA2!

also I forgot about the Dreams collection thing, Can’t believe someone spent time on that

SA2 and Sonic Unleashed

fine ill say all my favorites. sonic 1 2 3 and knuckles cd sa1 sa2 heroes unleashed colors generations lost world and mania

My favorite game is Sonic Adventure, the story is great, the soundtrack is amazing, the gameplay of all characters except big the cat is fun to play and the graphics are pretty good for the time.