That Damn Blue Screen

Hey guys I need help with my XP laptop, it was working but for some unknown reason when i started it up, it has a blue screen sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it does but now it always does. Can someone please help with this error?


what error does the bsod have?

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You need to give us the error code lol, for example: image

Bad RAM, device driver (antivirus?), Disk errors. Please take a picture of the blue screen.

The problem is that it turns blue then there is nothing to be shown in screen (as if you set up a game console without the hdmi) it used to be a one time thing but now it’s happening always

what do you exactly mean by that?

I mean that when you first boot it up you won’t see a Qosmio logo screen instead you see a blue screen only then in like a second you would see the xp loading corrupt and soon you can’t see the screen you would hear notifications, the start-up sound, and all sounds on the xp

i think its a gpu issue