Thanks for the Butterfly, Jonathan!


Taking Butterfly on its first flight today. We use Skype at work, so at least this little gem keeps that monster off my PC. I’ll post back w/ how it goes.

PS: Did I miss it? Is there a way to remove categories like Facebook and that?

Thanks again~~~


hi jonathan i hope you can do it and get it back i miss it so much.hoping to here of you soon.gerald holdham.


Greetings Edie

Thanks for giving it a try. Removing the unused categories isn’t a feature that exists yet, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to add. We’ll see about getting it in soon.


Yo, Jonathan! Like WLM, does this program do contact notifications? I miss that feature so badly. :unamused:


Not yet, it will certainly in the future though.

Butterfly Messenger needs a notifier & a few more things

I hope so. & also, will it provide contact notification sound options like WLM did?


That’s the plan :slight_smile:


Phew! Sounds good! :relieved:


Yo, Jonathan! Let us know if da program gets some notification features ( esp. when contacts show up online & when we get new messages on our Outlook inboxes ).

Can anyone out there create a contact notification feature 4 Butterfly? If not, let’s hope da program gets one.


If you’re attempting to emulate the look and feel of WLM 2009, that’s very awesome news indeed.