Talk with people!


Me and @yellows111 just wanted to make a simple project with no cost.

If you want to join us, join:

Join with Hamachi in:

name: LANMess2
pass: 123

name: LANMess3
pass: 123

and download LAN Messenger

Then when you joined on Hamachi, and downloaded LAN Messenger and installed, go to

Tools —> Preferences —> Network
and setup things like this screen.

After you set all up, restart LAN Messenger and your done! A list of contacts will appear.

This is the new screenshot, don’t use that anymore.


the LAN Messenger may go down because:
no activity known
no users online (ghosting does not count)
to save resources
or some other reason
If i want to shut the server down, it will be announced in the Hamichi Server chat.