SxSuri Messenger Is Back(use WLM 2009)

UPDATE:greetings everyone i have some bad news for this month the server of sxsuri messenger will shut down in 10 mins(but it be back on after 1 month so basically november) i hope you guys can understand this if you have any questions let me know and join my discord server for updates

WARNING!!! sxsuri now needs 1 month to bring back sxsuri messenger


great news everyone sxsuri messenger is back :stuck_out_tongue: pls download one of these bat files to use wlm 2009 or older and make sure to run as admin! also big huge thanks to Deffclony for hosting for a while (ALSO MAKE SURE YOU CHECK HOSTS BEFORE OPENING IT MAKE SURE THE IP ETC IS GONE OF THE PUBLIC IP OF MY SERVER THEN DOWNLOAD THE NEW BAT FILE AND RUN AS ADMIN)

well, now i can’t connect because of this error
btw, my vm’s internet is good
plus, the hosts file is patched and good

someone answer me :frowning:

Yeah there is something going on the server is down but i will update here if there is some good news

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you need to install new certificate and edit hosts! accounts are the same.

after update, installed new cert, same problem

edit the hosts.

if i understand right, i find the hosts, open it in notepad, and do what i need to do, save it, remove “.txt”, and replace it, right?

you open it then copy the ip with the urls that your gonna use and import into the hosts

There go: