SxSuri Messenger Is Back(DISCONTINUED)

This is just WLM '09 nostalgia bait. History is repeating again. I already remember what happened to Taco Live, which was the same thing.


he’s tried to pull this before and it ended with him getting banned from the escargot discord

like i said before this is for people testing so idk what you all are complaining about

you understand it! :slight_smile:thank you.

in case you didn’t know, he lied to ohhey and gave him nitro so he would help set up an escargot local server “for friends only” which became a service like this one.

dude like i said me and walkingphasers is over he is not mad at me he is dissapointed.(and if he did not wanted me to host it he should not post the source code then to gitlab. everyone is free to use it)

jarhead shut up your ruining everyone’s DREAM

i’m complaining because the hosts hacks you’re using could potentially risk someone’s computer if they don’t know what they’re doing

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DREAM? so you’re telling me that your “dream” is using a lazily put together WLM 2009 local server that will probably be gone by the end of the week?


It be on until escargot supports 2009

  1. waiting is BORING!
  2. Webtv revival server by matt should be open again
  3. if you regret to force shuting it down you should get punished from SxSuri

Ain’t gonna punish anyone

then i’ll punish instead

breaking news: unsupervised children are arguing about a WLM '09 nostalgia bait server

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oh nOoOo i’m so scared


Look everyone has their opinion and even all this I wont stop i do this so kids will stop begging for 2009 on escargot server that’s all

its punishment time punishes jarhead and marshal

Which child

im 12 goddamn it