Still with the WLM 15 troll login thing

Two persons are trolling this time…

who says they’re trolling? :wink:

Many people

@Raymonf started this claim that any client starting with WLM 2009 and above that somehow “connects” to the servers when he was trolling everyone with fake WLM 2009 (14.0) connections that unfortunately meshed with actual login attempts (or at least I think there were).

Someone else pointed out what you saw, and when I claimed that there’s also the possibility that someone at least got through the connection stage of WLM 2011, @Raymonf jumped out of nowhere to claim that it could be another troll. Really, at this point, we don’t know exactly unless someone shows us if WLM 2011 actually connects to the severs.

I don’t even know at this point…

I might open source my trash later if I find it. Let the trolling continue?

Of course, you ALWAYS have to assume that those connections are trolls, regarding of what version of WLM has “connected”. Why am I not surprised at this point? Have you even attempted to modify WLM 2011 and see if it would at least connect to Escargot’s servers? :roll_eyes:

In other words:

No need to. You’d just potentially make the situation more confusing and stressful by letting others pollute the stats with more obnoxious troll connections claiming that they were from “WLM clients”, and the release of that CVR troll code would be unnecessary in the first place, anyway.




Sorry but… i don’t think it’s a troll anymore.

This thing appears on
2018-06-09, 10:00 - 10:59 UTC and
2018-06-09, 09:00 - 09:59 UTC

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Still, best I try for myself and see what results I get, since I don’t take things at face value most times. :stuck_out_tongue:

3 hours, you done it yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

No. I’m reserving that for when I want to deal with reinstalling WLM versions back and forth. :stuck_out_tongue:


you can use virtual box

I heard that 2011 doesn’t run on XP, the latest OS my VM library has, and I’m not planning to surf far and wide for yet another hard-to-install-illegally ISO of a Windows OS post 2000 that probably doesn’t even exist (anymore), so I’m most likely screwed for now.

ok , i will test it , i have a windows vista and a windows 7 iso ( and i will test in vmware because for me it runs better )

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i got a tool for you then

also , you can get isos legally , just not the producty key

I do remember finding ISOs from Microsoft’s servers to install on the laptop I use currently (and haphazardly using my eMachines’ non-OEM product key I found via some software), but I don’t remember where or exactly how.

oof, i cant find either