Still possible to create old @msn or @live address?

I saw this video which showed a way to still create an old Microsoft domain e-mail like @msn by tricking the webpage with an extension called Tamper Data.

Unfortunately it looks like sometime in the past year it has been patched and it’s no longer possible :frowning:

Anyone know of an alternative way to make it possible?

i think @msn emails can be still made but it needs a subcription to MSN explorer.

Not possible where I am? (outside USA)

I don’t really know which countries MSN explorer can be used.

I’m from the UK and quite surprisingly, it seems like the service is available here (I checked and it’s got prices in £GBP). It costs £6.99 a month but has a two month trial. I’m thinking, is it possible to create an @msn, have a trial or pay one month, cancel, and keep using that @msn as a normal e-mail?

EDIT: according to this it is still possible indeed to continue using e-mail! I may try it out. Yes, I would even pay if I must, I’m that crazy :stuck_out_tongue: