Statement regarding the "Space" creation bug and Escargot Spaces "Spaces"


So if you’re not aware, I had fixed a bug in Escargot Spaces yesterday that would render newly-created “Spaces” useless and replaced with a database error. That fix involved backing up the healthy parts of the database, deleting the existing one, recreating said database with the backup, and reinstalling WordPress, which took some time, but in the end was painless. Plus, I created a test “Space” myself to see if the issue was fixed, and I can confirm that you can go back to creating “Spaces” as normal.

However, what I haven’t been expecting was that special characters (UTF-8) in the database got converted into mojibake, or garbage text, and now some “Space”'s and post’s titles and content, and potentially passwords (hopefully not :open_mouth:) will be somewhat corrupted. For some reason, this also included specific punctuation (' and -) and tabs(?).

If your “Space”'s title or posts have been affected by this, I will have most likely done the cleanup for you, but if not or if the affected text has been replaced with placeholders, you’ll have to do your part in fixing it up.

If your account password, however, has been broken due to this corruption, then you could reset your password and continue using Escargot Spaces as normal, but that doesn’t seem like a possible fix at the moment due to some freaky WordPress error involving that.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, and I hope Escargot Spaces can continue normal operations, regardless of what happened.

~ OhHelloThereImTheGuy


No groups ?


That was deliberately removed, but I can’t get the Groups tab to go away at the moment.


oh my site gives this :blush:


The “Spaces” created before I applied the fix still spit out that error, so I’m seeking out the time to delete them. :stuck_out_tongue:


noooooo my group is dead.:(((((((((


That’s one of my favorite Japanese words :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Another phrase for it is “Buchstabensalat”, which means “letter salad” in German, and I fuckin love that