squareBracket... yes, this exists

make it ffmpeg convert it to png

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edit: this issue is largely fixed with the squarebracket domain, though it seems like my school’s filter is a bit fucky over poktube, can’t fix.

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^ this redesign is caused by me departing from the OYC (old youtube community)

basically, this is now 2005 youtube but with other CSS.

other previews

what is the link

>not knowing how to scroll up

It’s… in the… fucking… 1st post… of this goddamn thread.



of course it doesn’t.

now don’t whine about it

i regret making this fucking thread because now gofaggots are going to try to upload their spastic faggoted content onto my website, basically making that site end up like vidlii of all motherfucking websites.

i wanted to share my SG like remix but whatevs.

uploading is broken, it doesn’t work.

the only way to fix it is if i rollback to the motherfucking XAMPP windows server… which is a mid-range mediocre audiophile ASUS laptop from 2012.


Alright so, a new design has been put into the server.

The domain doesn’t work, Cloudflare broke or something.

The redesign is still incomplete, I just wanted to make it public for the time being.

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which has been fixed…

though this is a bit hacky, SSL is disabled.

Uploading is still broken.

Video uploading and PFP uploading are now fixed.


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