Spaces is back


The site is back at its new URL:

There are a few things that are different, but I will be playing around with it to hopefully make it look more userfriendly (ie, the temp sites list)

Sorry for the downtime.


The Dashboard is not working?


did you try using another browser to use the dashboard? maybe that will help.


I tried with Edge and Internet Explorer, but didn’t work.


what about firefox? chrome and firefox seem to be different in some ways.


I used it:

But didn’t work.


Huh, odd… because I can still access the Dashboard fine


didn’t work in the .com beta anyway, would have to use Open Live Writer just to post


it’s spread all over the site now. i cannot access the dashboard myself. it’s giving me an access denied message when trying to access it. the only thing I can do right now browse the site as the dashboard bar at the top has disappeared.