Sorta working on a pong game for messenger :D

Well I thought about trying a pong game out w/ Messenger and I haven’t gotten to testing the actual gameplay yet because the pong game code I am using is NOT mine and is very buggy. Might try to fix some parts of it later. Don’t know if the actual multiplayer will work. May need some help w/ that. I will give credit to the person who made the original code for the game itself and another person if they care to help. That’s all for now because I’ve got to head off to bed! :cat2:

Cool concept for an MSN Messenger game! :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume that you’re using a combo of HTML + JS. If it’s the <canvas> kind, then expect IE to throw errors by the time you even test it on the MSN versions that Escargot supports rn, because it was built and maintained during a time when any features like that weren’t supported (by 2003, HTML5 was just conceived and a working draft). Best we stick to something IE supports for now, like ActiveX or Flash. :stuck_out_tongue:

when you forget to even post as soon as you see this
(i’ve had this tab open for like 8 hours)

also it has to be IE 6 compatible at least
glhf lol