Sorry i have been hot headed lately

Sorry for being angry a lot. Some stuff is happening with my parents that make me mad, but i try to keep from bursting out on them. Just don’t annoy me or make me mad (which is easy to do rn) and we’d be ok.


I sincerely hope things are going well with your parents. I know how hard it is, I went through a lot of things in my teens with my parents. Today, I no longer have them with me so I just tell you that all this will pass, so until then just have strength and patience and be sure to support your parents.


i’d like to assume you haven’t had it as bad as i have,

i’ve been living in a poor environment, in a trailer park with both of my parents smoking or drinking, usually going off at each other or emotionally abusing us. i like to think me and my brother are the only sane people left in my household.

i give my condolences but i can’t sympathize.


yeah basically the same things is happening to me right now

I Give Condolences

Toutes mes Condolences

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