Something I'd never expect from AOL

They used to send out COOKIES for Christmas to their subscribers?!

Two words: JEA-LOUS!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I never knew that they at least tried to be this kind and generous to their userbase. If I used their services back in the day, I would’ve gobbled those cookies up like no tomorrow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Since they’re now focused on being a media portal company now, along with being bought out by Verizon (Fun fact: I use Verizon’s services, including their FiOS TV, Internet, and Phone packages), they’ve probably stopped doing this and just focused on how much money they make overall.

Maybe Microsoft could’ve and maybe can still do this sort of thing with their MSN Internet services. Maybe even the faceless corporate entity we all know as Verizon could spice some things up. :wink:

how would the Verzion V even fit on to a cookie?
the AIM cookies actually are possible (looks nice though :wink:)

(that IE 3 theme though, so nice)

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