Someone revived old Skype!


i hate skype


me too


can somone give me the 6 version?




hmmmm… must’ve been a fluke. i can’t sign in anymore on 6


i found a way to sign in to 6 and 7. but you can only do it if you can sign in to 5.5

step 1: install 6 or 7. i found a good place to find installers is

step 2: download 5.5 from the video linked in the post

step 3: sign in to 5.5

step 4: close 5.5 but don’t click the sign out button

step 5: open the version of skype you downloaded


basically, if you have a Skype Name (and I mean an actual Skype Name instead of a Microsoft account determined by the live: next to your Skype Name) you can log on to any patched version of Skype.


Microsoft ruins everything :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



add me!!!


“se a luz não voltar em 5 minutos a minha escola explode” WTF!!!


uh old story


how you did connect with alive account ?


what’s this version




go to appdata then delete shared.xml and .lck and try login and first u need login on skype 7.40 then exit skype then try to login


and add me live:gugu3235




how u make messenges get sended
boddy seems lol is this a complete sentense?


@Gugu_Fdfd I tried your instructions but when I open skype 5.5 it tries to sign in but then signs itself out.


It didn’t work for me. Same as for @iGiftedSpade