Someone can help me?

in my laptop chrome 10 load all the websites 100% , but in my other computer this dont happens

What os is your laptop?

same os , windows 10

As a starting point, try a non-SSL site and see if that works, ex.

If non-SSL sites work, then it’s most likely trying to use an older SSL/TLS version or something related to that. The web in general is slowly removing pre-TLS 1.0 (and even in some cases pre-1.2), and older browsers will no longer connect to those sites.

I believe Chrome (attempts to) follow the Windows/IE settings, so at the very least, since you have two PCs that are the same and one works, you may want to compare the SSL settings you have setand adjust accordingly. You’ll find those by clicking on the Digite aqui para pesquisar field in the taskbar, typing in inetcpl.cpl and hitting enter. Then go to the Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom of the settings list and compare the Use TLS 1.0 and related SSL/TLS versions there.