Someone adds me? (AIMReborn)

the new AIM server is beautiful, searching friends to chat with

my screenname is placek

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i just signed up like a couple of mins ago :smiley:
my ScreenName is yellows111
(dont worry, i will still be on Escargot!)

Add up ItzEthan :slight_smile:

i dont see you online

Add me at ReverseTeacher dont ask why i chose the username

:0 screen name: Maigol

how do i download the client??

for the time being, there are various versions on and, I will place links on the registration page itself soon.

the link for 2.1 is not avalible yet when will it be up

@Deathlife23 how i can register?

go to the website

@BucketOfChicken i know but i get the screenname or password are incorrect and even the password is correct (my friend too)

Just Gotthe server id LOL

add me santi13

yes but i dont have a account

My username is strangepigeon if anyone’s interested…

Add me: zRioziin

Add me: LeDragon31

Im speaking english & french