[SOLVED] Problem signing in

I have another profile which is with 10 letters and I tried it but again this error gives me.

I just now changed the password of one account and again the same error.

go into ie’s setting and disable ssl 2.0 and 3.0 and enable tls 1.0

No, that doesn’t work :frowning:

try it on a vm or another pc

One, don’t trust the built-in troubleshooter completely right now. It always spits out a key ports error even if you’re in the clear due to a oversight with patching that’ll be fixed with the new set of patches coming with WLM 2009 support for all clients.

Two, from the looks of it you’re connecting from Russia? Someone else had a similar problem (they’re from Crimea) and it turns out Google Cloud servers (that’s what Escargot is run from) are blocked in some regions (hopefully not all) of Russia over some stupid beef regarding Telegram. Not sure if those bans are in place nowadays, but you can always open a command prompt and run tracert -h 100 escargot.log1p.xyz on it. If the last few hops fail, that probably means the servers are blocked and as for solutions the most I can come up with is a VPN. :confused:

This is quite weird, since Telegram here (Moscow, Russia) isnt banned here. Also, everything worked before.
I tried running the tracert command and the hops did fail, so I dont get what could be blocking the connection.
Right now I’m trying to connect to MSN Messenger 7.0 and it gives me a 81000314 error. I don’t get why.
(Running on Windows 2000 (fully updated, sp4), real hardware. I have the SSL disabled and all TLS enabled. Internet speeds are quite fast.)

You running 7.0 on Windows 2000 might be the answer. But to double check access this URL on Internet Explorer (https://m1.escargot.log1p.xyz/nexus-mock). If you get a download prompt that means you can login and you just have to persuade MSN to login (aka login repeatedly). If not that probably means Windows 2000 doesn’t work as per usual.

Tested link, it works.
Though, this is quite strange if MSN Messenger doesnt work on 2000. Since 95 and 98 (tested by myself) ran MSN Messenger perfectly.

Oh nice. Means you just have to login over and over until MSN gets to your contact list?

And 9x?! This is 5.0+ or any of the versions before 5.0?

5.0+ and earlier versions.
(btw, this is like the 11th time I retried, still cant log in)

I assume this involved updates? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I’d say try 10 more times. If that doesn’t work, stick with old reliable 1.0 - 4.7 (not 2005 - 2009) for now.

By updates, what do you mean?
(Yeah, already the 20th time trying to log, downgrading to 4.7)

I mean those Windows updates that fiddle with the system (e.g., root certificates and HTTPS) and whatnot.

Nope, afaik I NEVER updated them with Windows Updates. (95 - latest OSR 2.5, 98 - SE latest)

So what updates did you use (to get MSN Messenger 5 and up working)? Or was this all vanilla and they somehow work perfectly?

Yuuup, all vanilla. Afaik I didnt use any packages to update them also.

Also, what do you mean by this?

Versions 1.0 - 4.7 (excluding 4.7 builds 2005 - 2009, aka the Tweener builds of 4.7)

Oh holy hell what a surprise, downgrading to 5.0 actually got me logged in!

Cool. Glad to see you somehow got 5.0 working.

BTW I tried accessing the URL I gave you to test on my 98 SE VM, and it doesn’t work on IE. I honestly have no idea how those HTTPS services just work for you.