not only for that…

if it was just that, then this topic would’t exist

Oh, I get it. There’s any familiar problem?

So, why do you feel useless?

In real life or on Internet?

irl and internet

And couldn’t I be your friend? I’ve passed something like that around two years ago.

no, because you will forget about me after 2 months

So you want to die just because you don’t have friends? I also don’t have friends (both irl and internet) and not depressed and not considered useless but I don’t want to die. :thinking:

I really don’t know what to say about this, but in my opinion you aren’t useless…

We should understand him/her about it’s situation. I have friends in real life, but now due to the health current situation I can’t visit them, which makes me feel something alone. Familiar problems were also the reason of me to cry, reminding that bad things which made me unhappy.

That’s sad to hear, but still, please, don’t die…

I’m very afraid of that right now.

I don’t want you to happen that.

Oh dear, that’s a bad sign…

One day I even make a dictact in July: …If you don’t have friends, it don’t means that you are useless, and, it doesn’t says that you REALLY NOT haves friend, because, you forgot one friend, the God. - Nícolas Pereira de Sousa (Brazil, Rare dictact for now)

Dont do that, One of God’s rules were “not to kill” that also means you cant kill yourself


wait why i freakin missed this? :frowning:

well, ok