So I'm Now a Part of Retrosite

Not putting the link here just yet because github thinks my css doesn’t exist.
It’s a site full of crap with more crap to come. Memes and links to other stuff. Eventually I’ll stick in “advanced” stuff.

Just craps?

what i call crap is memes and links to other websites, plus at least one <marquee>
in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever looked at the DOM and the browsers console? It will show you the error you are having, also the URL to it is, you can thank me later. Your error might be something like this, and no the server does not process HTML, but the web browser.

Honestly, being the owner of 2003page, which used to be like Retrosite in it’s early days, I don’t find this to be a risk.

Is there any point to these sites, aren’t they just glorified github sites with a free domain (which by the way is actually a big risk, if you get too much traffic, Freenom WILL remove your domain and make it one of their “paid premium domains”)

Also please enable https

Meh, not really. 2003page and later retrosite were created just for fun.


My site gets around 5-7 visitors per day. However, if Freenom does remove the domain if too much traffic happens, i’ll change the domain to being a domain.

that made unusable on old browsers for a while until i realized that HTTPS was enabled, since i was only testing 2003page on the current version of Firefox.

Didn’t the settings started with not forcing https?

https is enabled and easily accessible, just not forced
forcing and not forcing https is the only thing you can do in github.

Yes, but i think it’s because we doubled checked if the setting was off, and when that one argument happened which caused @mdstumpfy123 to now have ownership of the domain, the HTTPS toggle must have been oddly turned back on.

(Oh and, for anyone who is confused, i was talking about 2003page, not retrosite)

Because there was no domain but the one which requires you to turn on HSTS aka enforcing HTTPS.