So im buying a new Windows XP computer for 10 euros


Its comming in a week :smile:


Finally a normal pc that is cool :slight_smile:


Take a closer look…



From doing some research on the specs of that thing, it isn’t really gonna help in the long run.

First off, the CPU inside that computer only has 1 core, so multitasking may be a problem.

Second off, assuming you get Firefox ESR 52.9.0, Opera 36, and MSN Messenger 7.5 installed back onto that, and use either Firefox or Opera alongside MSN, with the graphics card combined, that computer would be using up either almost a gigabyte to 1.02 GB of RAM, if the corresponding x64 version of Windows XP used up 256 MB of the RAM, or from 1.13 GB to 1.28 GB of RAM if the OS was using 512 MB of RAM, leaving around <1 GB of RAM left. Since you do use XP for daily internet browsing and such, I don’t think that computer will hold up with the amount of RAM being used and the one-core CPU doing everything.

(I’d also say that that PC’s a potato considering the video card’s specs stating that it’s able to process 256 MB of video memory, but since you don’t actually game on PC, eh whatever :stuck_out_tongue:)