So i just got around to readin Ignas's leaving doucment, and...

Wow, i was a toxic dumbass then. Just look at this:
What the hell was going through my mind?
Anyway i want to apologize for everything i did back then. To all the people affected by my toxic behavior in late 2019 - mid 2020, I am deeply sorry, we all make mistakes, but sometimes, these are mistakes that could be easily avoided. I’m sorry for anything bad i did to the people in question. taco out


Hey man, it’s all good. The most important thing in life is learning from your mistakes so you can be your best you. I’m honestly not even sure who Ignas is, but I’m sure if you apologize to them, they’ll be chill about it. Just don’t beat yourself up about it too hard, especially if you’re determined to be a better person, yaknow what I mean?
Everybody on this forum certainly loves your presence, and we absolutely appreciate your sincerity in this post.


Mate, I’m not affected at all by your bad behavior. All I like about you is how you answer people’s questions, I really won’t forget that. So, chill out.


You already have good answers, but to add, it can be challenging to go back and look at ones mistakes, but if you’re able to recognize them and see an improvement, you know you’ve grown as a person. Like Cath said above, that’s how you improve yourself.

Also, this process never really ends. I still make plenty of mistakes and I’ve grown from every situation.