So i did a Minecraft Server :P

How to connect:

  1. Open Hamachi (or download if you dont have it)
  2. Go to the “Network” tab and select “Join an existing network…”
    Network: minecraftservereper98
    Password: 1234
  3. Click “Join”
  4. Now open Minecraft and join “” and it should connect
    I dont think you will like it :stuck_out_tongue:
    if it does not connect, sorry this is my first time running a mc server :blush:

MC Version: 1.8

Are you serious?

Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

…why not port forward?

At least use Evolve, Hamachi is unbelievably unsecure.

Anyone can do whatever they please, I guess :man_shrugging:

has anyone tried to connect?

nobody uses hamachi in 2018.

lol i saw a yt video (uploaded in 2011) and i was intrested :stuck_out_tongue: