Sneak peek for escargot spaces... again



obs: this theme is more based on windows 7.


it should not be modern, so it sucks in my opinion


aero dude, AEROOO

what do you want, luna?

i had the idea, didnt turned out how i would like, micheal liked doe.


it doesn’t look like aero, it looks like a downloaded theme with the windows 7 aero background.
it looks too modern for me (modern-styled buttons and modern font that are not like windows live did), it should be better maked


mezmerise theme, micheal added that, not much i can do


Use Windows XP luna theme


i liked the style


Thats just the home page


are you crazy? we are on the live era.


Escargot Spaces had lots of bugs on mobile, and non-working things. Hope they’ll get fixed.


Micheal is working.


dont go offtopic




Look, this is the best we can do for now. With Christmas coming up, my time is severely divided between family and Spaces. I have been attempting to try to change things up. And I do appreciate the work that you’ve been helping me with, @Megadeth58.


New logo

trendmark for the lolz

for christmas, we let the background christmas themed, and improved our aero effect.

i hope you appreciate our work.


How about this?


Very Good! but i think that needs a more “before 2013” design, and will look great! :smiley:


That’s an A-OK design. :+1: Only nitpick is that it’s a little too flat for my taste.


looks modern, no thanks


If you could replace the rest of the text’s font with Segoe UI it might be a better improvement.