Snailscape: Recent News

One of the members of the Snailscape Team, @Deathlife23 got kicked for being abusive and disgusting to the members of the community. Snailscape is now a safe place to join and you don’t have to worry about drama anymore! Stay safe, friends :slight_smile:


I’m honestly thankful for you finally deciding to kick the leech off. Even after the hard times me and others had to go through with him on the Snailscape Discord before I eventually left after finding out that he was the then-owner. I always thought you owned the Discord, and now I can happily say that you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

@OhHelloThereImTheGuy is now a member of the Snailscape Team! Welcome him!


Thank you @Floobby for kicking @Deathlife23

No problem! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Bad boys always loses

i waiting for Snailscape :smile:

It’s been confirmed by @Floobby that @Deathlife23 is back on the team. I still have my doubts on whether he’ll be a benefit or the same as, if not worse, than before, but what @Floobby wants is what @Floobby gets, I suppose.

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It’s also been confirmed that @Deathlife23 has regained his ownership of the server.

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