Snailscape - Looking for IRC oper(ator)s for Snailscape Chat

Hello, people. It’s odd to see me posting about Snailscape officially, but the following updates should clear up what’s going on.

  1. I’ve voluntarily joined the staff again. I believe Snailscape management is at a stable state again, and hopefully it stays that way.

  2. For anyone thinking that Snailscape is dead, far from it. Internally at least. I’ve been working on a new chat client for Snailscape Chat (which is far from being complete), and the owners, @Floobby and @Deathlife23, have had plans for Chat and other new services for Snailscape.

One of the plans Floobby had was to get some more opers for the IRC portion of Snailscape Chat. If you don’t know what an oper is, it’s basically a moderator that specializes in maintaining IRC channels and the users in them. We’ve decided to start seeking for these people so that we can get decent moderation on our IRC services. This is a volunteer job, and you don’t have to dedicate your time to doing this.

If you want to consider becoming an oper, then send us an e-mail to with the subject of “Snailscape Chat Moderation”. You must have some experience with IRC and moderation before sending us an e-mail, as that is required to sufficiently moderate Snailscape Chat’s IRC services. If you understand IRC, but unsure of what the moderation commands consist of, then follow the links to our IRC daemon’s administration commands and the documentation on the IRC Anope services we utilize. You can detail these in the e-mail, which is recommended. We’ll then get back to you and tell you if you’re fit for the job. See you all later! :smiley:


This, along with a few other positions for managing and programming for Snailscape, are officially being offered and advertised on the Snailscape site. Check out this link to see what we have.

i almost never use irc, just discord since not everyone is on irc sooooo