Snailscape development and Discord

New things are happening on Snailscape! And with that brings active users to the Snailscape discord. The Snailscape discord isn’t just a place to talk about Snailscape, it also features channels and discussion about instant messaging applications and general tech talk. Come join us to see updates surrounding Snailscape and to join the general discussion.

Snailscape Chat is a project about a chat room service to replace the old MSN Groups/Chat service.

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I am in it and i love it :3 its not toxic unlike that other server u guys should join :slight_smile:

Great :slight_smile:

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you’re only saying that beacuse you got banned and the shit the mods and i have done. i’m actually starting to enforce the rules on everyone now :unamused:

True iam saying it cuz iam banned for doing the same thing the mods did , he did it 2 times yet he is still a mod and just now u started “enforce” the rules on everyone its a bit too late , anyways iam sorry if i was rude but its so unfair what you guys did , its really messed up. A perma ban for something one of the mods 2 times , so messed up

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