Snailscape Chat: Presentation

Oldschool MSN Chat comes back to life!

Snailscape, a new project, is trying to revive
MSN Chat and allow people to open their own
rooms and chat with more people!

The normal MSN Messenger groups only allows a low amount of people
and they are TEMPORARY.

Here, at Snailscape Chat you will have your own
room, always online and never closing or temporary!
(not available in the beta)

So, what do you think?
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Many greetings,
@deathlife23 and @Floobby


So far the web client is default and very bland looking. I’m going to work on changing the theme of it soon but for now it works great on IE6 and above. I’m making sure everything works in old browsers as the client itself supports them too. A public link will be available soon but a lot of work still needs to be done to make it pretty and work a bit better.

I’m currently moving Snailscape Chat and i noticed a bug, a very strange bug.
It showed the last session of IRC when i saved all the HTMLs, and that is nice.
I will probably use it for maintenance mode…

Bugs aside…
Yes, we bought a domain and we are currently setting the website up.

Website is atthis, click this.

Uh oh! Did we do something?
Yes, we did.
We formatted and changed OS to host a particular server for Snailscape Chat. (we had problems with the other one)

the Snailscape Chat closed beta will delay a little bit due to host the server
and move the HTML to the server.

The Snailscape webpage is currently useless so don’t check it.

Best regards,
@deathlife23 and @Floobby

nice :smiley:

The style looks nice, but couldn’t I just use an IRC client?

For now you can but I’m going to add a LOT of custom features not available in plain IRC.

Sorry that we don’t post often, but we are working
on the home page of Snailscape and the rooms for
Snailscape Chat.

Also, i’m doing a discord so you can receive the news
more often than here.

I’m developing my own CMS (content management system) for the website so users can register for their own profile and in-chat nickname and to be able to register for their own chat rooms and pages. I don’t know when this will be finished as I’ve been very busy getting ready to move but the ability to register should be available soon. I’ll make a new post when that feature will be ready.