[Skype] one of my messenger contacts appear offline since this weeks update

Since this week, one of my messenger contacts appear offline in my contact list in skype.
I know for sure that the person is online, because we can chat with eachother,
but messeges not allways get trough.
The problem is that in his particular list, i appear as an unknown contact that is not in his list.
But he is my list, but just appears offline.
He´s a former wlm user just like me, and wenn we got on skype,
we could chat normaly untill this week.

Now i have done some research on this, and i found on the Skype community page that messenger contacts might no longer be supported.
Which would be very sad.
However i still have manny messenger contacts in my contact list,
who appear online normally, and i can chat with normally.
Its just that one particular contact, which is a very good friend of mine.

Now i´m not sure how to fix the problem.
I´m only appearing as a contact in his outlook.
Wenn he tries to message me in the skype desktop client,
he gets the message that i´m not in his contact list.
And can send a request, but that request doesnt do anythin,
And i suppose that this might be because he is allready in my list (but i´m not sure).

Both our accounts are linked with messenger and skype.
@TReKiE do you maybe have an idea what this issue could be.
And how we can get ourselfs back in our contact list again?

We have tried updating our skype clients, i also tried the skype for linux client.
But he keeps appearing as an offline messenger user.
On which other messenger users do appear online normally.

I´m really out of idea´s. :frowning: