Skype 0.97 clone

Hello everybody.

I am writting this to inform you guys about a Skype clone I am working on.
Pinto! is the name. I am working on this project because Microsoft killed off Skype Classic.

For more information (about Skype) check my r/Skype post:

Join the Discord server at (I am not posting an invite here, because it will probably become outdated.)

why discord user is unavailable?

please don’t put video chatting it’s not fun

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Because I lost nitro, :stuck_out_tongue:

nitro user lmfao

I updated it now

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if you’re talking to me
it’s cuz it’s something i don’t wanna do


skype didnt have video calls on windows untill 2006.

And Pinto! is based on Skype 0.97 which was released iirc arround 2004 to 2005