Show your vintage



Here post picture your vintage (audio,computer,vhs…)

my vhs

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My printer from 2001 HP 970CXI is working with XP


i have a disk for Microsoft Encarta 96 somewhere


don’t know what kind of vintage you wanted so… here’s my tech vintage! :smiley:

  1. Various things (keyboard, commodore printer cartridges, joysticks for Commodore)

  2. A Nokia 3310

  3. A Polaroid 1000s and a walkman from Grunding

  4. A Commodore Amiga 500, a television from 90’s and a Commodore datasette under the joystick

  5. A CRT Monitor from my old pc

  6. A Commodore 64 and a ZX Spectrum + (The ZX Spectrum + doesn’t work)

  7. A Commodore printer and a ZX Spectrum 16kb



my vintage what


vintage stuff


Some old and good TOSHIBA Satellite.

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These all bring back memories! my fav so far has to be the nokia 3310 though.


whoa, interesting stuff here, I think my vintage would be a keyboard and a floppy drive. I will take pictures later and edit the post


I can’t send an image at the moment because I don’t have any and I’m a bit of a lazy fucko
but I have this best of the 1980’s collection cassette and I only have like 3 favourite songs from it, those songs being

Ghost Town by The Specials
Baggy Trousers by Madness
and Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

I also have a 45 RPM of The Selecter by The Selecter and Gangsters by The Special(s) AKA


My phone mobile vintage (sms is work)


I have old pins from 2000 years is Jerry from tom&jerry



Are you that old if you have an old pin from 2000 years ago?
I know this is a joke

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