Show your vintage


Here post picture your vintage (audio,computer,vhs…)

my vhs


My printer from 2001 HP 970CXI is working with XP

i have a disk for Microsoft Encarta 96 somewhere

don’t know what kind of vintage you wanted so… here’s my tech vintage! :smiley:

  1. Various things (keyboard, commodore printer cartridges, joysticks for Commodore)

  2. A Nokia 3310

  3. A Polaroid 1000s and a walkman from Grunding

  4. A Commodore Amiga 500, a television from 90’s and a Commodore datasette under the joystick

  5. A CRT Monitor from my old pc

  6. A Commodore 64 and a ZX Spectrum + (The ZX Spectrum + doesn’t work)

  7. A Commodore printer and a ZX Spectrum 16kb



my vintage what

vintage stuff

Some old and good TOSHIBA Satellite.


These all bring back memories! my fav so far has to be the nokia 3310 though.

whoa, interesting stuff here, I think my vintage would be a keyboard and a floppy drive. I will take pictures later and edit the post

I can’t send an image at the moment because I don’t have any and I’m a bit of a lazy fucko
but I have this best of the 1980’s collection cassette and I only have like 3 favourite songs from it, those songs being

Ghost Town by The Specials
Baggy Trousers by Madness
and Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

I also have a 45 RPM of The Selecter by The Selecter and Gangsters by The Special(s) AKA

My phone mobile vintage (sms is work)

I have old pins from 2000 years is Jerry from tom&jerry


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Are you that old if you have an old pin from 2000 years ago?
I know this is a joke

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