Should I continue 'Messenger Love!' program? (ex. games)


Hi. I am building my app which is called “Messenger Love”. My target is search and put into a lot of things for this program. This program is works with auto-installer. So you can easily install as oneclick like msn plus games (also multiplayer), winks, themes etc., yellow and deathlife’s tic tac toe game etc… i wanna put into 10-20 things.

For example:
image image

and a lot of functions in the future…

I dont wanna waste my time for nothing so my question is should i continue this program for you will use it sometimes or it is a 'decoration?

Thanks for answers.

  • Yes, you should continue
  • No, it is a useless program

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igen igen!!!


Whu should you discontinue the program? It is pretty useful! Keep working on it!


Me pasas la beta del Messenger Love :wink:


Talk english


You pass me the beta of Messenger Love


There is a bit fat translation button at the bottom that works okay. Please use it.


I actually like the idea , i say keep going