Should I continue 'Messenger Love!' program? (ex. games)


Hi. I am building my app which is called “Messenger Love”. My target is search and put into a lot of things for this program. This program is works with auto-installer. So you can easily install as oneclick like msn plus games (also multiplayer), winks, themes etc., yellow and deathlife’s tic tac toe game etc… i wanna put into 10-20 things.

For example:
image image

and a lot of functions in the future…

I dont wanna waste my time for nothing so my question is should i continue this program for you will use it sometimes or it is a 'decoration?

Thanks for answers.

  • Yes, you should continue
  • No, it is a useless program

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Source Code of Balazs's MSN Love!
Balazs's MSN Love! Program

igen igen!!!


Whu should you discontinue the program? It is pretty useful! Keep working on it!


Me pasas la beta del Messenger Love :wink:


Talk english


You pass me the beta of Messenger Love


There is a bit fat translation button at the bottom that works okay. Please use it.


I actually like the idea , i say keep going


After hard work Program developing discontiuned




What?!??! Why?!?! It looked so cool


no help, no time and it is not worth it


Then give us the source code of your cool program so we will continue developing it


I will open source the program (if I had the source code to do so) and make it public on GitHub. :stuck_out_tongue:





who did it lol


lehet hogy lesz ebből valami de ez titok főleg neked pinguin